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CE Mark  / CE marking / CE certification  Meaning

Existing in its present form since 1985, the CE mark indicates that the manufacturer or importer claims compliance with the relevant EU rules relevant to a product, regardless of the area of manufacture. With the aid of affixing the CE mark on a product, a manufacturer successfully announces, at its sole duty, conformity with all of the felony necessities to achieve CE mark which allows free movement and sale of the product for the duration of the ECU monetary location. (EEA)

Countries requiring the CE Certification or CE mark

CE mark / CE certification is mandatory for certain product groups intended on the market in the European Union, the EU free trade association (EFTA), Turkey, and (at least until the stop of the Brexit transition duration) the UK. The manufacturers of products made within these international locations, and the importers of goods made in other nations, affirm that CE-marked items agree to EU standards.

What are CE Directives and rules?

Many products which can be being offered in the ecu economic area (EEA) require CE mark. The CE marking logo on a product (item) means that the product:

  • Falls within the scope of CE mark
  • A conformity assessment procedure has been carried out;
  • Meets ecu safety, health and environmental safety requirements.

The ecu requirements are laid down in CE Directives and rules that cowl one-of-a-kind products or product sectors, including toys, electrical device, equipment, medical devices, creation merchandise and personal defensive system

There’s a difference between Directives and rules.

Rules underlying CE Certification

responsibility for CE Certification lies with whoever puts the product in the marketplace inside the European, i.e. a European-primarily based manufacturer, the importer or distributor of a product made outside the European, or a European-based office of a non-European manufacturer.

The manufacturer of a product affixes the CE Certification to it but has to take certain compulsory steps earlier than the product can bear CE marking. The manufacturer should carry out a conformity assessment, set up a technical file, and sign a declaration stipulated by using the leading rules for the product. The documentation needs to be made available to authorities on request.

Importers of products have to verify that the manufacturer outdoor the EU has undertaken the essential steps and that the documentation is available upon request. Importers have to also make sure that touch with the manufacturer can usually be mounted.

Distributors should be capable of revealing to countrywide government that they have acted with due care and they should have confirmation from the manufacturer or importer that the necessary measures had been taken.

If importers or distributors marketplace the products under their own name, they take over the manufacturer’s responsibilities. In this situation, they ought to have enough information on the design and manufacturing of the product, as they may be assuming the criminal responsibility after they affix the CE marking.

Products subject to certain European directives or European guidelines providing for CE Certification have to be affixed with the CE marking earlier than they may be placed available on the market.

Manufacturers have to test, on their sole responsibility, which European law they want to use for their products.

The product may be placed on the market only if it complies with the provisions of all relevant directives and regulations and if the conformity evaluation procedure has been carried out therefore.

The producer attracts up an european declaration of conformity or a declaration of overall performance (for production products) and affixes the CE marking at the product.

If stipulated within the directive(s) or law(s), a certified third party (Notified body) have to be involved in the conformity evaluation method or in putting in place a production-quality system.

If the CE marking is affixed on a product, it may endure additional markings best if they’re of different importance, do not overlap with the CE marking and are not confusing and do now not impair the legibility and visibility of the CE marking.

Since accomplishing compliance can be very complex, CE-marking conformity assessment, provided by way of a notified body, is of awesome significance at some stage in the complete CE-marking method, from layout verification, and set up of the technical file to the eu declaration of conformity.

  • Depending on the level of hazard of the product, the CE marking is affixed to a product by the manufacturer or legal representative who needs to ensure that the product meets all the CE marking requirements. In a few cases, if a product has minimal hazard, it can be self-certified by using a manufacturer creating a statement of conformity and affixing the CE marking to their own product. Self-certification exists only for products that have a minimum risk for his or her use, and that is clearly foreseen in the applicable Directive according to the product “category”. For you to certify, the manufacturer need to do numerous things:
  • Look at whether the product needs to have a CE marking. The product have to conform to all Directives that apply to the product
  • Choose the conformity evaluation system from the modules known as out through the directive for the product in keeping with every category (stage of danger) concerned. There are numerous modules to be had for the Conformity assessment methods, but only a few of them contain self-certification. Most of these processes require a “type Approval” and a production conformity evaluation by a Notified frame. The common methods (Modules) of certification are as listed below. A product usually desires a couple of processes (Module) to be implemented:
  1. Module A – inner manufacturing control.
  2. Module B – EC type-exam.
  3. Module C – Conformity to type.
  4. Module D – production quality Assurance.
  5. Module E – Product Quality Assurance.
  6. Module F – Product verification.
  7. Module G – Unit verification.
  8. Module H – full Quality Assurance.

The level of hazard is defined by the “category” of each equipment. The higher the category, the better the hazard. After defining the category, the manufacturer, on the way to obtain certification, shall then follow the applicable procedures for the sure category of the product or choose the applicable procedures for a higher category product. The manufacturer, after ensuring that the relevant modules for the product category were carried out, will affix the CE mark and draw up a statement of Conformity. The declaration of Conformity includes a description of the product, the Directive(s) carried out, the product category for every Directive, the Module was chosen, and the name and registration number of the Notified frame concerned in certification methods (fashions).

Notified bodies involved in certification methods are organizations that have been nominated via the manner of a Member nation (in step with an accreditation technique) and had been notified through the EU. Those notified bodies act as impartial Inspection businesses and carry out the processes as listed within the relevant Modules implemented as stated by the applicable directives. A manufacturer can pick out any notified frame (notified for the sure directive and applicable Modules) in any Member state of the European Union.

In fact, the self-certification method consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: identify the relevant Directive(s)

Step one is to identify whether the product needs to bear CE marking require or not. Not all products are required to bear CE marking, only the products that fall in the scope of at least one of the sectorial directives requiring CE marking. There are greater than 20 sectoral product directives requiring CE marking covering, however not limited to, products which include the electrical devices, machines, medical devices, toys, pressure devices, PPE, Wi-Fi devices, and creating products.

identifying which directive(s) can be applicable, as there may be a couple of, entails a simple exercising of reading the scope of each directive to set up which follow to the product (including the “Low Voltage Directive,” 2014/35/ecu). If the product does now not fall in the scope of any of the sectoral directives, then the product does not need to endure CE marking (and, certainly, must not bear CE marking).

Stage 2: identify the relevant requirements of the Directive(s)

Every Directive has slightly different strategies of demonstrating conformity relying at the classification of the product and its intended use. Each Directive has a number of ‘critical requirements’ that the product has to meet before being located on the market.

The satisfactory manner to demonstrate that these essential necessities have been met is via meeting the requirements of an applicable ‘harmonized standard,’ which presents a presumption of conformity to the crucial requirements, although the usage of requirements usually stays voluntary. Harmonized standards can be identified by using searching the ‘legitimate journal’ on the EU commission’s website, or through visiting the new technique website established via the ecu Commission and EFTA with the European Standardization organizations.

Stage 3: become aware of the proper direction to conformity

The process is not continually a self-declaration method, there are various ‘attestation routes’ to conformity relying at the Directive and classification of the product. Many products (along with invasive medical devices, or fireplace alarm and extinguisher systems, strain equipment, Lifts, and many others.) in most cases, have a mandatory requirement for the involvement of an authorized third party e.g. a “notified body”.

There are various attestation routes which include:

An evaluation of the product by way of the manufacturer.

An evaluation of the product by way of the manufacturer, with an additional requirement for mandatory manufacturing unit manufacturing control, audits to be accomplished by way of a third party.

Evaluation through a third party (e.g. EC kind test), with the requirement for mandatory factory manufacturing, manipulate audits to be executed by a third party.

Stage 4: evaluation of the product’s conformity

While all of the requirements have been established, the conformity of the product to the important requirements of the Directive(s) needs to be assessed. This generally includes evaluation and/or testing, and might consist of an assessment of the conformity of the product to the harmonized standard(s) recognized in step 2.

stage 5: collect the technical documentation

Technical documentation, generally known as the technical file, referring to the product or variety of products needs to be compiled. This information must cover every factor referring to conformity and it is possible to include information on the design, improvement, and manufacture of the product.

Technical documentation will commonly consist of:

  • Technical description
  • Drawings, circuit diagrams, and images
  • Invoice of substances
  • Specification and, where relevant, European announcement of conformity for the crucial components and materials used
  • Information of any design calculations
  • Take a look at reports and/or tests
  • Instructions
  • EU declaration of conformity
  • Technical data can be made available in any format (i.e. paper or digital) and should be held for a duration of up to 10 years after the manufacture of the final unit, and in most cases reside inside the ECU economic area (EEA).

Stage 6: Make a declaration of the CE marking / CE certification 

While the manufacturer, importer or authorized representative is satisfied that their product conforms to the relevant Directives, a European announcement of conformity must be finished or, for partly completed machinery under the Machinery Directive, a European declaration of incorporation.

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