Case Study of an Effective Employee

Today I would like to share a short experience with you which i had before few days with one of the best employ who served for a company for more than 10 years and left a job due to company owners mismanagement.

The implementations on the company was so strong that made me to share it with you all to make yourself aware that what can a senior manager or senior people can do for your organization and how can we uplift them.

Here are some practices that he did in his organization which are always to be appreciated by us and recognize the people in our organization who are similar like them.

  • Balancing your personal and professional life

This employee did not pick any call since last 4 years after 6’o clock and all his work were still done. This balanced his personal life, as well as the system that he created was so strong that in spite of his unavailability all the work were done on time on non-negotiable strategy ( every day 20 tons of goods should be delivered at any cost ).

  • No new recruitment since 4 years in his organization.

He always believed to uplift the junior management than to recruit more people, as junior management are already working with us and they also think for an opportunity to uplift themselves in future years. So he believed that in spite of recruiting new people in an organization they should train the downline in such a way that we don’t need to have a replacement for a people which can avoid ego hurt issues and feel good as they get an opportunity.

  • Review meetings with team members

He believed that the team members should be so transparent that they can have a talk to each other face to face that can avoid misunderstanding and decrease communication gap which can led them to have an effective teamwork and for that he used to have daily meetings with the team leaders to hear all the concern areas and get problem to surface between them.

  • Instant decision taker with no compromise

An incident took place in his organization due to a mistake of wireman and that might have destroyed the company machinery and can had made the company to put on fire but they had strong earthing which saved them so they were successful to save themselves and he just fired the wireman within a spot as he did not want any compromise with his organization hereafter. His bold decision to fire the wireman on the point should be appreciated.

  • System made by him with non-negotiable strategies.

He did not work on any shop floor or did not do any of the work since last 4 years rather than only monitoring. He established a system in such a way that he only needed to sign an approval copy of the things as the system he built included the things that all the documents, conversation and steps to be taken should be updated in a software and he only needed to check that and provide approval. No one used to have a conversation with each other in the organization as everything was available in a software which led to smooth functioning in the company.


He started when a company was running on 6cr Rs and with his high aim to satisfy his needs he made a strategy, he made a flow, worked on it and within 10 years he made company to reach 60 cr rs with less effort of owner of the company. He did more than the responsibility given to him as he thought and worked as he is owner of the company and take all the steps to satisfy his work and himself. He always believed to surrender if he is not compatible to complete a task given to him.

Due to the mismanagement of top management he had to leave the job as he could not accept the changes done by top management that can harm the organization. And the biggest mistake owner and director did was inspite of uprising this employee to be the owner or partner of the company he recruited one of his relative to take over the business without checking his compatibility and that led to a loss of an effective employee.

We got so many lessons to be learnt from this incident and story to be implemented with our employees and management so that we can also judge who is an effective and growing employee who can take our place in all the situations. Provide chances to middle management and senior management employees and uplift them for company’s betterment. Know their worth and make them satisfied.

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