9 Reason Why Entrepreneur Failed in Business

Many entrepreneur Failed in the business in less than 1000 days, or their growth is even less than the salaried personal, with more stress and liability. Expertise of 15 years of green dot – Management  consultant revealing the secret

1. Poor planing : Many entrepreneur do not have planing,  they miss what they want, why they are in business and how can they become better and better.  They are not taking any advice from the  experts rather they spend lot more time to become expert.

2.No revenue : Majority of the fund has been spent by the entrepreneur is in to the infrastructure and not the Manufacturing facility and the liquidity required. Either start your business too small and multiply with many no of branches ( small size) or from day one big. Keep it mind Big ship take more time to sink.

3. Unable to Execute : Idea is not the one that worth the money. It is about the execution. You must be able to make even the hardest decision and taking the risks wisely.

4.competition too much :  speed is the Mantra in 21st century, if you don’t have speed in the sales and delivery or new product development your ideas will b sue less and might some one has taken the benefit too,  at any cost maintain the speed of your business & stay ahead in business.

5. Team : when you want to become “A” Class company don’t hire  “C” Class people, you need people who are trust worthy, efficient, Competent Ready to learn, Ambitions, Higher best in class people and lead better.

6. Small Marketing : Your business should have great promotion and it is should be assessed and executed by professional marketing team. If you have nice product or service, you also need great marketing so people will buy it.

7. Act  and act Fast: Knowing what to do and not doing is crime, take your decision based on analysis and take it quick. Move fast break the rule and lead.

8. Invest : invest in your company rather then investing in share market or renting an offices, your investment in technology, People and product development as well as in marketing  will always pays you better.



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