9 Challenges that Kanban Tool Solve

Green Dot
  1. Lack of Organization – Perhaps the most common problem most of us are facing. A visual approach to the organization will allow you to stay on top of the tasks.Keep all your work data in one place including attachments and archives.
  2. Missed Deadlines – Deadline information visible at a glance will never let you forget about important due dates. Prioritize tasks and track how many days are left on each task from the board view.
  3. Communication on slip-ups – Assign tasks and communicate the objective with your team. Proper communication is crucial to ensure quality delivery. Spot problems early to avoid wasting time.
  4. Overwhelmed with information – Concentrate on important tasks.Mark your items and view only the data you want to see.Filter your boards and display only needed stages and swimlanes.
  5. Status Information – See where you are at by looking at the board and evaluating cumulative flow diagram. CFD will allow you to estimate the time until completion, performance and possible bottlenecks.
  6. Inconsistency – Enforce workflow processes to ensure that team completes tasks in line with your policies. This way all work will be addressed properly.
  7. Not agile – You will experience the real power of visual approach once you implement Kanban, Scrum or Agile method to use WIP limits, Leads and Cycle Time estimations and Cumulative Flow Diagrams.
  8. Limited Access – Online platform will allow you to access your workflow from anywhere on any device. Do you have access only to your email? That’s more than enough as you may add tasks via email as well.
  9. Rigid Layout – Need flexibility in creating your ideal workflow? You will be able to tailor your boards to your liking and organize work into swimlanes. Modify your cards to display only the information you want to see.

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