7 lesson to be learn from Jayalalithaa

Jayalalitha was a kathak Dancer, stood 1st in 1oth class in District, Actor ( At the age of 17 her first film with A rating launched), won 7 film fare awards, Highest paid actress from 1964 to 19080, Played 125 Movies and double role in 8 of them , A play back singer

1. Remain cool & calm

Jayalalithaa always maintained a calm and composed look. She never let her emotions control her. She once said, “I keep my emotions to myself. They are not for public display. I have never wept in public. I have a lot of willpower, a lot of self control.”

2.Be goal oriented

It was a rough ride for Jayalalithaa when she entered politics. But, her goal was clear that she wanted to serve people. She did not lose focus and motivation and had the courage to fight back. “In politics men think a woman is dispensable. They try to destroy her existence. But today no one can wish me away politically,” she said once.

3.Good HR Person

Jayalalithaa always worked in the interest of people. Many times, she has fought for her people of Tamil Nadu. A good leader always takes the team with him/her and always saves it in desperate times.

4.Good Leader

A good leader is a great visionary, who are future plans. Jayalalithaa had already tabled her Vision 2023 document and wanted Tamil Nadu to be in top 3 Asian destinations for investment.

A difference between a good leader and everyone is that a good leader knows failures are not the end, and they see opportunities and lessons in every failure. They accept that failures are part and parcel of life and one has to accept failures if they ever have to win.

5.Have a great willpower

Jayalalithaa had a great willpower without having any arrogance. Her self confidence was something to look out for. She never backed down and came back for her people.

One of the most notable incidents in her life was when members of the ruling party DMK insulted in the Legislative Assembly by pulling off her saree, which can a really humiliating incident for anyone. The way she reacted was remarkable as she vowed only to enter the assembly as the Chief Minister and she did that in 1991 as the youngest Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Similarly, in 1996, she and her party faced a severe loss as they lost 164 of 168 seats contested in the elections.

6.Remain updated
She was always keen to keep herself updated on the developments across the world and to stay ahead of others. During her early days as an actress, many of her co-workers noted how she used the breaks in between shoots to read and update herself.

7.She was ruthlessly efficient in getting things done
One place many politicians with vision fails is in executing them. And without proper execution, no leader could be successful. That’s is where Jayalalitha’s biggest strength comes in. Whether it is organizing an election campaign or implementing a government project, a ruthless efficiency can be seen, as her identifying mark.
The rehabilitation efforts she implemented as the Chief Minister after the devastating Tsunami of 2004 was second to none. She was able to unite, organize and rehabilitate the victims of the Tsunami with very less help from the Union Government as it was accused. It may be this efficiency in getting things done, was what many has portrayed as her rule with the iron fist.

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