6 Reasons that makes good employees quit Jobs

There isn’t always just one reason that makes a good employee quit, as it’s typically a combination of things that weigh on their minds and impact their decision to quit over time.

But what we’ve found are some common reasons that drive employees to leave the organizations they work at.

Its found that Country is having highest youth how are looking out for Jobs and having hundreds of industries who are looking forward to hire that youth but unfortunately right people are not getting right job and companies is not getting right employee suitable for that job which affects in low employee satisfaction.

The right bridge between employee and employer does not match that makes employees leave the company the most.

Here are those 6 points that would help you to retain more talent in your company.

Performance Review

Valuable employees want to know that they are valued. They want to know that their efforts are worthwhile. And if they aren’t doing something correctly, they’d like to know that, too. Yet, all too often, employees feel that they are left in the dark on these issues. Then they get hit with something surprising at the annual performance review. Good managers are good communicators. They constantly solicit the opinions of their staff and are open with feedback. Just Measure what matters and talk on only the Goal to be accomplished and review the same rather than minor faults they have in themselves.

Lack of Vision

Employees want to feel passionate and excited about the business they work for. A clear and well-communicated vision is crucial for employee satisfaction. If an organization fails to communicate its goals employees can soon lose drive and direction. If there is an absence of vision, people may look for inspiration in a different organization. This will motivate and challenge employees to make a change in themselves and work for a bigger goal of the company.

Tailoring Talent to Task

One of the ways to ensure key employees stick around is to make sure they are happy in their work. A key to happiness is to have them working on projects which match their talents and their desires. Provide an opportunity to employees to work on the task which is their strength and they are passionate about which can help your organization to grow in any way.

Work Stress

Create fun at Work. Don’t just make your employees work for whole day seriously as that can create stress at work which results in work-life balance as that affects to the imbalance in their personal life also. So manage to take steps where an employee can feel stressfree and have fun in small celebrations such as birthday’s, festivals, arrange motivational programs etc which can result in high employee satisfaction.

Only Giving Negative Feedback

It’s easy to be critical when people make mistakes. In fact, it’s good management to criticize unwanted behavior as soon as possible. But this can’t be the only feedback people should receive as they’ll become unhappy. Make sure that positive feedback is also given to them.  Negative feedback should be given immediately and in private. Positive feedback can be given any time, preferably while the news is still relatively fresh, and in public.

Career Growth Plan

Showcase the growth of individual in the company if they work more efficiently and effectively. Show them where they are now and where they can be in the future. Show employees career growth plan from the day they are recruited so they can get motivated each and every day to work on that growth provided with the task they are allocated and how they accomplish that.

Employee satisfaction is most crucial. If you pay attention to these six factors, you will retain your most wanted employees. If not, you’ll be holding regular exit interviews and good-bye lunches. It’s expensive to recruit a new employee. Why not spend the effort necessary to retain the employees that you have already painfully recruited and hired?

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