5 ways to be more productive

These popular time management techniques help small business owns to gt more work done in less time and remain productive

1. PROMODORO technique

  • choose your task which will generate more revenue or more constructive happiness for your and your family.
  • Set a timer for 25 min or 45 min or maximum 90, take a break at every 90 min
  • Put a timer on 25 min and work uninterruptedly, put a check mark on the paper how many time you are successful in doing work without interruption  (Average Indian business related people disturb other once at 11 minutes)
  •  when you have completed 4- 5 break with out interruption take 10 min break.
  • repeat until you finish your all task

2.Eat the Frog

complete most challenging and unpleasant task first.

  • Make a list of every thing you need to complete it. This is the first thing you need to do once you are in business hours
  • Identified the most Difficult task and finish it
  • In the morning eat the frog ( complete the complicated task)

3. Getting things done

  • gather all task big, small, personal, professional,  Immediate- long term – in one place
  • capture all of your Daily monthly and big picture task
  • clarify the task and make sure all of them are actionable
  • Organised them in to categories
  • Reflect on the repeated task  – Monthly, weekly, daily.


I planned out the weekly and daily tasks the weekend before, and then the list are augmented  as the week progress.

4. The productive action method

  • Organised the to-do task list ion to the following buckets.
  • Action item – List specific task that are actionable item.
  • Reference – List the referral supplementary resources, Information you may required to complete the task.
  • Back burner – list the item that don’t need attention as of now .

it has helped me beat deadline much faster and reduced the stress of missing important task or not getting them done on time

5. The SEINFELD Method

  • Perfect your craft with practice and consistency
  • choose one or more task or goal you want to improve
  • on a calendar day mark of each task completed and track your consistency
  • Try not to break the chain

The right process overtime eventually gives you the right result –

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Thanks for being productive and spreading happiness.

Nirav Trivedi


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