5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8AM

Here are The 5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

6:20- Map Out Your Day

           Get the most of out of the day by mapping out your goals and to do’s. The AM is prime, uninterrupted                            problem solving time;providing easier reflection that will help you to prioritize your activities.Dont forget                    about mental health;schedule a 10 minute break after stressful meetings or calls.

6:45- Eat Breakfast

           Take the extra time in the morning to give your body the fuel it needs to accomplish the task you have                            outlined for it.Having a healthy breakfast means you’ll be free to concentrate on what’s at hand,rather than on            your empty stomach.Even if you only have 5 minutes, have some cereals or a fruits.

7:04- Get Some Exercise

          Work out. But importantly work out at morning. Weather you do yoga or hit the gym, do it before going to                   work so that you benefit from the boost of energy and a well deserved sense of accomplishment. Working out             in the morning will help to wake up all your mind and body;and eliminates any change of flaking out after a                 long day of work.

7:34- Visualize your day

         Now that your body’s awake, its time to rouse your mind. Meditate and visualize the day ahead;send some                    positive energy into the successes you plan to achieve today. Not only will you improve your mood and outlook          for the day, you will be more likely to recognize the best way to reach your goals as you visualized them earlier            on.

7:50- Worst Tasks First

         Do your least desirable task on your list first. Every To Do List holds at least 1 item that we dread,don’t let it                loom over you all day or even all week. Acknowledge that it will be unpleasant, and get it out of the way. Once            its done,your day will be simply get easier. In the morning you are well rested and your energy level is up,                    which means you are better equipped to handle more difficult activities.

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