5 Steps That Dramatically Improve your Business


Align with strategy – Majority of the business failed because they do not have the business success strategy, They keep doing the business. Business people need to understand even to propose a girl friend and convert that relationship in to marriage you need to have strategy then why ro make your business success can be achieved without strategy.

Analytically Approach– Majority company take their decision based on the past experience, Influence or Mental state of mind and personal belief system. This way decision can be biased. Businessman entrepreneurs need to take their decision based on the data, facts and figures. Implement system that give your decision, what to do and what not and help you achieve the business strategy.

Continuous Monitoring – Majority business man defocused fro system, they don’t track the daily activity which generate result in the Business Profit and strategy as well as in to growth. Develop One page reporting system from all you key process and keep observing on daily basis. Spare only 30 minutes a day in just verifying few data which describe how the process has been completed today. If required take action, taking action before its too late is a part of your business.

Reward and Recognise – Identify the right people who are enough brave to identify issues and able to offer solution to you. They are the key team members in real sense. Recognise and reward & keep them happy

Split the target and focus – Make a goal for new financial year, divide the goal in to small daily achievable target and focus on it. And keep the achievement tracking on daily basis. You will be in great position in next 365 day.[/fusion_text]


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