16 Marketing Idea to Increase sales

Improve your sales and getting better market in always a challenge for any industry, based on the 15 year of expertise we are coming up with very short but very much effective sales tips

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Here are few tips to improve your sales

1. Set a goal and you make sure to involve your team daily

2. Send weekly email to clients and prospects.

3. create bundle service or bundled product rather then selling single product or services

4. Get &  Promote customer reviews

5. Narrow your niche to focus better

6. Set spectacular offer and surprise your customer

7. Design Referral program.

8. Always carry company information, visiting  card, give away material, etc.

9. Don’t Miss chance for the pubic Speaking

10. Cross promote with other business owners.

11.  Focus on strength and outsource weakness

12.  Take imperfect action  VS  Perfect inaction daily

13. Partner with influencers  in your area.

14. Increase prices ( yes Increase Prices )

15. create New service or product to offer existing customer

16. Use CRM and mange to sell better www.idealcrm.co.in

Implement and Be Remarkably  improve sales performance.  Have a question or want more choices  write to us on info@greendot.co.in  call on +91 81 410 420 60


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