16 ways to love your kids

  1. Be willing to let the next busy item go.
  2. tell them good night / i love you / Jai shree krishana/  or anything relevant to it.
  3. Don’t always have answer – Listen
  4. Turn of your cell phone, Computer and tv and play with them, go out.
  5. Be willing to be silly.
  6. Encourage them to dream,
  7. love unconditionally – they need your love and time they don’t need costly toys or ice-creams.
  8. Be Brave
  9. give surprise, Bring Something small and exciting thing when ever you can.
  10. Display their art work ( Even rubbish) Proudly
  11. Value True Education
  12. tell them good stories of “Panchtantra” and other  good stories of great people
  13. Let them go
  14. Do not Expect them to become superman – Ever child id talented.
  15. Never fire them, rather Explain the fact and figures if they don’t understand.
  16. Never compare your child with other ( even with yours)

if you really love your kids do follow it. your parents did it for you…. Now its your turn…. Be better parents….share it if you like it

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