10 signs that you are truly Happy

1. Exercise:  Happy people are more likely to promote in health promoting behaviors. Exercise significantly decrease depression across all the age.

2. Happy Friends: Each additional happy friend  increase your probability being happy by 9% ( Study at Texas University for India)

3.Sleep:   Un happiness hinders sleep and low stress promote good night sleep, So if you are feeling well rested most likely you are happy one.

4. Money: More money can not make you happy, if you have 5 cr rupees in you bank and not able to sleep well you are unhappy. Money can not make you happy.

5. Self Trust: those who constantly doubt their own decision are more prone to psychological problem- Such as mood stream, anxiety, depression.

6.Live in the now: when people mind drift frequently from one task / decision to another they are less happy than when they are fully engaged with one task/ decision

7. Gratitude : Use the resource you have. Instead focusing on what you don’t have. Happy people live their life with what they have and enjoy each moment.

8. get unplugged : what to be happy? Spend less time on tv and computer. Research has proven that people who are likely to spend more hours on tv and computer are unhappy.

9. Smile: happy people keep smiling. Small baby average smile 400 times a day and mature man need to join laughing club.

10. Family time : Happy people spend time wioth family and frined and do not become workaholic unnecessarily

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