10 Leadership Tips For First Time Manager

Here are some amazing Leadership Tips For First Time Manager

  • Accept that you still have much to learn: You have work hard and have ample expertise,but you still need to learn from others including your new team.
  • Communicate Clearly:Always keep your team fully informed of project goals,priorities and those all important deadlines.
  • Set a Good Example:Demand from yourself the same level of professionalism and dedication that you expect from others.
  • Encourage Feedback:Let your team know that you are willing to listen their concerns and ideas, and help provide solutions to any problem.
  • Offer Recognition:Build up the confidence of your team by publicly recognizing their efforts and achievements.
  • Be Decisive:People are uncomfortable with people who changes their mind on the whim. Quality leaders make decisions and stick with them.
  • Help your team see Big pictures:Built investment by explaining to your team how their projects fit into the company’s larger goal and overall objectives.
  • Create an environment of constant learning and development-and include yourself in the process:Allow your team to make-and learn from mistakes, and be sure to reward new and innovative ideas.
  • Provide Professional Guidance:Make yourself available to staff members and show interest in their career development within the company. Your staff will appreciate your commitment to their progress.
  • Be Patient with yourself:Developing strong managerial skills take time-seek guidance from colleagues,your manger,or your professional network when you need it.

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