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Hindalco Industries Limited, Birla copper is an ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified company, Registered on London Metal Exchange as Grade A Copper Brand. It has a variety of product ranging from 99.99% purity Copper, to precious metals like gold and silver. in addition to this, it has a fertiliser unit producing mainline products like di-ammonium phosphate,Alumin ium fluoride. Nonetheless, it has set of Oxygen plant and a power plant for serving the requirements of the Smelter.

Birla Copper The annual turnover of Birla Copper for the financial year 2009-10 was Rs. 13000 Cr. and the contribution of Birla Copper towards the total profitability of Hindalco Industries was 32% Seeing to the Copper industry growth of 15% and above and lowering treatment and refining copper charges across the globe, Birla Copper is thriving to excel in the Copper industry and produce 3,75000 MT of primary copper and retain its first position in India as the largest producer of primary copper.


To attend air leakage with the help of Brain storming and Why Why analysis we found the root cause. We replaced tuyere flexible hose in to MS pipes with welded joints and additional clamp provided at Tuyere valve base plate. Team had implemented this in all three converters one by one and post data collected and it was found that the total blow time of converter reduced to 310min.

Intangible benefits

Frequent maintenance of tuyer body and hose, Noise pollution due to leakage of air, Reduction of stress


Total one blow cycle time of converting furnace is high, average 350 min/blow which should be 320 minutes theoretically, with matte quantity 180t and grade 60%.


Brain Storming. Fish bone diagram, why-why analysis, Pareto analysis Production was hampered due to this problem. So it was necessary to debottleneck the problem.
The targeted production was not achieved because of many problems and this was the one of the major of them. The
problem contributed to 6% Total blow time/blow data and plant stoppages on account of converter section because of higher blow time was maintained and analysed.

1 .Total blow time of converting furnace
2 Disturbance in process operation para meters
3 Variation in quality of input materials
4.Variation in bath temp
5.Improper slag skimming
6 Leakages from tuyere assembly

Frequent tuyere jaming


Because of air leakage in tuyere pipe assembly, the process time was very high (350-360 mins/blow) and plant

operation suffered due downstream problem (Converter Section is driving force for FSF Section).

Comparison between theoretical and practical need of air and time needed for the process for the period of last six months.

Blow time = the time required to convert matte (60% cu) in to blister copper (98.5 % cu) by removing sulpher and iron impurities, and by injecting air through Tuyere assembly.

Comparison between theoretical and practical parameters, analysis and recording.

Process log sheets and SPC.

The log sheets and logbooks of converter technician and the shift in-charge.

After identifying the problem two out fifty six Tuyere pipes changed from flexible hoses to rigid pipes with welded end joints. And it was observed that there were no air leakages from those Tuyere assemblies. Then it was decided to change all the Tuyere pipes.

Earlier blow time was 350-360 mins/blow, after modification it has brought down to 310-320. Hence net saving of 40 mins/batch.



  • Man:
  • – Campaign installation— Poor maintenance— Early slag removing
  • Machine:
  • — Furnace deformation- Punching machine speed is not enough— Air leakage
  • Material:
  • – Low hose pipe quality- Tuyere pipe material— Input material
  • Method:
  • — Tuyere leakage attending— Hose clamping— Punching frequency
  • Effect:
  • — High blow timePareto analysisWhy—why analysis is used to find the root causePDCA (Deming cycle)


Brain storming, fish-bone diagram, why-why analysis, Pareto analysis and Deming cycle ‘
Productivity improvement and cost reduction



Afteridentifying the problem three out fifty six Tuyere pipes changed from flexible hoses to rigid pipes with welded end

joints. And it was observed that there were no air leakages from those Tuyere assemblies. Then it was decided to

change all the fifty six Tuyere pipes.

  1. congested area for welding
  2. Air leakage from back side of the Tuyere pipes. Repetitive welding.
  3. Air leakage from Tuyrer base due to rigidity of pipes.

Welding from the hidden side is done with the help of viewing image in mirror and checking the leakage with
external source of air (plant air) before taking the same in operation.


Modification in sop for installation of the system during new campaign.
After getting positive results in one converter the same was applied in other two converters and gain was realized.



  • Refractory lining = saving of one part lining per year and one full lining in four year = 31,50,000 rs./year
  • Power saving: 34, 08,000 Rs/year.
  • Fabrication cost saving = 3,08,000 Rs. / year
  • Total saving = 68,66,000 Rs / year
  • Intangible
  • Problem solving skill improved.
  • Presentation skill improved.
  • lnterpersonalrelation improved.
  • Departmental relation also improved
  • Improvement in work environment.
  • Less maintenance is required so physical stress reduced
  • greendot