What is Value Stream Mapping?

Value Stream Mapping is a method of creating a “one-page picture” of all the processes that occur in a company, from the time a customer places an order for a part or product until the customer has received that product in their facility.

The goal is to depict material and information flows across and throughout all the value-adding processes (the value Stream) required to produce and ship the product to the customer

Value Stream Maps document all of the processes used to produce and ship a part or product, both value-adding and non-value-adding (waste) processes

During the team creation of a VSM one page picture. Business and manufacturing waste that occur in the processes can be easily identified.  And eliminating business waste is not the problem. Finding it is.”

Finding waste throughout the “picture” reduces the risk of using World Class Manufacturing concepts to create an individual process that is “islands of excellence” without improving the total system‘s efficiency or the total value stream’s capability for customer satisfaction.

 Once the “as is” or Current State VSM is created, it becomes the baseline for improvement and for the creation of a “Future State” VSM. The FSVSM can then be used as a World-class Manufacturing implementation roadmap.

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Bhavin Patel