Total Quality Management-TQM


Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management (TQM) provides the overall concept that fosters continuous improvement in an organization. The TQM philosophy stresses a systematic, integrated, consistent, organisation-wide perspective involving everyone and everything. it focuses primarily on total satisfaction for both the internal and external customers, within a management environment that seeks continuous improvement of all systems and processes.

TQM emphasises use of all people, usually in multifunctional teams, to bring about improvement from within the organisation. It stresses optimal life cycle costs and uses measurement within a disciplined methodology in achieving improvements. The key aspects of Total Quality Management are the prevention of defects and emphasis on quality in design.

Total Quality Management is a necessity. It is a journey. It will never end. It makes Japanese industry a miracle. It is the way to survive and succeed. What does it entail, then? Total Quality Management is the totally integrated effort for gaining competitive advantage by continuously improving every facet of an organisation’s activities. If we look at the meaning of each word,

TQM can be defined as:

Total – Everyone associated with the company is involved in continuous improvement (including its customers and suppliers if feasible),

Quality –Customers’ expressed and implied requirements are met fully,

Management – Executives are fully committed.

Why is there a need for TQM?

In order to complete in a global economy, our products, systems and services must be of a higher quality than our competition.

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