Consultant And Approved As Lean

Mr. Tarun Mr. Tarun

tarun patel
areas of expertise
  • Meeting Sales goal
  • Negotiation, Selling to Customer Needs,
  • Sales Planning, Building Relationships,
  • Managing Processes, Market Knowledge,
  • Developing Budgets, Staffing
  • Support to client 
  • Diploma Mechanical Engineer
  • Expertise in Office 5S, Lean Inventor Management
  • Expertise in MFCA
  • Expertise in documentation and implementaton
  • Completed more than 200 External Audit

He is perfect one to Sells products by implementing sales plans; supervising sales staff. High with the personal commitment for the business growth. She is a perfect Example of people with positive thinking

we dont just sell, We make it happen, and we take resposnibility of the performance for what we are paid.

Before joining green dot she has a expertise in managing people on shop floor for more than 15 year.  Production planing, Sales, Designing and client coordination is a key function area that she loved to do. Result are rewarded efforts are not, is really easy going for her.


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