6 Critical Questions for Future Sales Success :


Redirect your Sales efforts by asking six questions:

If you are a Sales executives who wants to continue to develop your Sales team and grow your business, there are questions you should be asking yourself,and also solved the Sales problem.

“Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’.” But the most effective Sales People know that listening is the most important part of their job”.

Sales executives often talk about how Sales people spend too much time with existing customers rather than focusing on high-potential prospects.

Following the Six tips for asking more effective sales people questions Below :

1.Do Sales People know what’s important?

   Communicate exactly how you want people to spend their time.

2.Do Sales People have the information they need?

   Give them the data to match product offerings to customer needs.

3.Do Sales People have the competencies required?

   Train people on how to find & qualify buyers,describe the product’s competitive advantages & convince customers to buy.

4.Are Sales People motivated?

   They need to perceive value from their efforts: career success, recognition, personal satisfaction, money,or all of the above.it’s one of the best ways to keep your Sales flowing. To effectively motivate sales teams, business owners and sales managers need to create a fun, goal-oriented culture that both encourages friendly competition and recognizes how reps want to be rewarded.

  • Motivating Sales People

                   – motivation should be provided on a continuous basis.

                   – motivation incenties

                   – enjoyable working conditions

                   – job security

                   – opportunities to excel

  • motivational methods

                  – Sales contests

                  –  Recognition program

5.Do Sales People have enough bandwidth? 

If not, consider creating specialized teams that find new clients, while others support existing relationships.

6.Do Sales People have the right characteristics?

    Look for “natural sellers” who can learn the industry.



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