Personality Devlopment


Developing people

Change project change people. individuals used to following instruction development self-motivation through directing their own work;  managers who have never consulted staff improves their people skill by doing so.Build on this individual new skill by helping them look ahead, encouraging career moves, or widening roles. Let people take the initiative in such change – this, too, will develop him.

Course Objective

  • Personality Development through Personal Change is a focused program on developing the Potential of Individuals. The program is designed to identify the challenges & hurdles that prevent Personal Growth & Success.

Training On personality Development Course Content

  • Self-Leadership – Decide for oneself. Be responsible & take initiative.
  • Self-Development – Define the goal before getting required skills
  • Self-Management– Dictate ones work, time & priorities
  • Interpersonal Leadership – Influence People for better Solutions
  • Interpersonal Relationship – Improve Communication for enjoying Success
  • Interpersonal Workmanship – Invite Creative Collaboration to achieve more
  • Daily Decisions & Discipline – Winning Every day

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

The Training Methodology

  • Immersive – (Group Discussions, Games, Case Studies)
  • Perceptive – (Film-based sessions, group activities)
  • Concerted – (Participants will be involved in 60:40 ratio)

 Duration: 3 TO 4 Hours