personal productivity

Course Objective

Personal Productivity is completing the actions that move you closer to accomplishing your goals in a manner that brings balance and easy into your life. It’s all about completing an action cycle knowing what your objective are and the actions necessary to reach them is the trick to boosting your Personal Productivity Actions.

 Course Content

  • How to spend your time and improve your productivity
  • Method Set and achieve your short term & long term goal
  • How to set priorities and save your time
  • How to do effective communication
  • Develop team to leap the business
  • Increase Team productivity
  • Business Process management
  • Management Belief & reducing Stress

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Director and staff

The Training Methodology

  • Participatory (Group Discussions, Games, Case   Studies)
  • Experiential (Film-based sessions, group activities)
  • Cognitive (sessions using Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience & Popular Culture)

Duration: 8 Sessions 6 Months