Marketing & Sales


Through our marketing and Sales consultation we help you to achieve and improve your sales, and profit. Our expert advice will help you in following are a

  •  Market research & Strategy Design
  • Business model restructuring
  • sales automation through CRM
  • Lead generation
  • Training and Performance measurement
  • campaign designing
  • Budgeting and setting up complete system and policy.

we take complete and systematic approach to study your present organisation scenario. we help you to analyse the market need as well as customer requirement. we also help you to set marketing, branding and sales process so that every thing is mapped.

Training for sales improvement and setting up automation in sales and marketing is our specialization. we help in designing the business model and stay ahead in market. we believe “win the business war with out fighting is best

Benefits from the consultation

  • improvement in sales
  • Systematic approach with system from target audience to capturing  lead and finally getting order.
  • Strategic move will help you to stay ahead in market.
  • Performance of each campaign will be measured
  • Performance of the each team/ Associates  will be  measured.
  • Budgeting will help you to plan the method and tools that are effective, we make sure you spend money in right direction and in right way.
  • Every thing will be measured, Monitored, Analysed and you are up dated at any given time

one stop solution

We offer complete solution for sales, Marketing, Branding. we have in house team for any of your brad building exercise. we help you for Search Engine, Social media, web site designing, CRM, or Mass mailing.

Training for sales Management

  • Bullet proof sales manager
  • Key account management
  • How to build business model
  • SPANCO and SPIN for 21st Century sales.
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