Managing change for success


Course Objective

  • To equip your managers and supervisors with the must-have skills and knowledge to effectively manage continuous change.

Course Content

  • Creating new opportunities
  • The relationship between change, improvement, and innovation
  • Cultures that support change
  • Continuous improvement
  • Risk management

Innovative work practice

  • Developing innovative ideas
  • Supporting innovation

Change leadership

  •  Initiating and leading change
  •  Pre-empting change
  • New ideas as a result of current practice

Facilitating commitment

  •  Recognising resistance
  • The need for communication
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Managing stress

Monitoring and evaluating changes

  • Implementing change
  • Analyzing and assessing impact
  • Monitoring success

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Staff who are responsible for planning change
  • Staff who are on the receiving end of change and who need to understand the impact of change on the working environment
  • Staff who are responsible for managing change
  • Staff who are responsible for implementing change

The Training Methodology

  • Participatory (Group Discussions, Games, Case   Studies)
  • Experiential (Film-based sessions, group activities)
  • Cognitive (sessions using Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience & Popular Culture)

Duration 4 To 5 Hours