ISO/TS 16949

quality management system

What is ISO /TS 16949?

ISO/TS 16949 is relevant to all types of automotive supply companies, from small manufacturers to multi-site multinational organizations located anywhere in the world. However, it is only applicable to sites where production or service parts are manufactured. Organizations wishing to break into the automotive market must wait until t hey are on an automotive customer’s potential supplier list before they can progress with consultation to this specification. Automotive manufacturers require suppliers to certify their quality management systems to the ISO/TS 16949. It can be a challenge to make the right decision for your organisation and develop a system that will satisfy your customers in the years ahead. To make a decision, it is critical that you understand the various options available, the contractual requirements, and deadlines from the automotive manufacturers. There is one international standard, ISO/TS 16949 which incorporate certification to the quality management system standard ISO 9001. It is important to note that the general trend is a move away from the national standard schemes to the international TS/ISO 16949, but so far finalized transition dates have not been set for all of them.

Benefits of ISO/Ts 16949

    • License to trade
    • Reduces wastes and prevents defects
    • Well organized system for Automotive channel
    • Flexible and easy to adopt
    • Saves money by avoiding duplication
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