ISO 31000

31000 risk management

What is it ISO 31000?

The ISO risk management standard comprises integrated risk management principles, framework, and associated processes. It can be applied to organizations of all types, to any part of an organization, to any type of risk and to all types of activities. The standard includes:

  • Principles for risk management to be effective;
  • A framework to ensure the risk management process is integrated into the organization’s overall values, culture, governance, and management;
  • A detailed breakdown of the – continuous – risk management process.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to ISO 31000;
  • Risk and regulation;
  • Principles of managing risk;
  • The framework for managing risk;
  • The risk management process;
  • Risk management performance.
  • Become familiar with the key elements of ISO 31000 as the basis for good risk management practice;
  • Understand how ISO 31000 can be applied to a variety of organizations and sectors.
  • Risk managers who want an overview of ISO 31000; People new to risk management.


Today stakeholders are increasingly pushing for integrated risk Management. Contracts hold risk management requirements; credit rating agencies reflect on risk management and governments increasingly request risk management implementation as stated in their requests for proposal. Risk Management also makes sense from a bottom-line perspective.

But what is the definition of a well-functioning risk management system?

  • Risk Management requires a different way of thinking
  • Competency issues are prevalent
  • Quality issues in risk identification, analysis, evaluation, and treatment.
  • Controls Management is not recognized.
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