ISO 22000 – FSMS

ISO 22000 food safety management

What is ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System?

ISO 22000 is a global standard that can be implemented in food, Packaging & supply chain of any relevant industries. The  standard of  is applicable to any industries manufacturing Food & food ingredient, ready to eat item, Colour, Additive, Packaging material or chemicals used in the food.

Intention of the standard to implement the practice that ensure that the product manufactured are safe for consumption. This  completely covers the concept of HACCP, and ISO 22000 is globally Accepted standard.  Company can integrate the ISO 22000 with other standard as well as can apply for the specific certification.


  • International recognition
  • complete control on the food related hazard and generating confidence in the supply chain
  • Improved transparency and communication in the supply chain
  • Continual improvement


Our Experts consultant are able to provide training for internal auditor so that you can regularly check your system. we are also providing training for the lead auditor courses. we do provide other training such as

  • How to do hazard analysis
  • ISO 22000 lead Auditor courses
  • ISO 22000 internal audit courses
  • Plant hygiene and personal hygiene
  • ISO 22000 Habits for worker

Scope of our Services

we have expertise in the ready to eat item, Milk and milk product, fish and highly perishable item as well we have expertise in implementing ISO 22000 in Packaging industries too. we have consulted more than 80 units for FSMS consultation and our success ratio  is 100%. we are working with all major certification agency, also helping you to select the cost effective and best certification agency

  • Complete study of your organisation and analysis with respect to standard requirement
  • HACCP plan, Hazard analysis and its mitigation plan
  • Designing documentation, policy, forms formats, SOP, SSOP etc
  • Training for worker operator
  • Implementation of the FSMS systems
  • Conducting Internal audit, and management review meeting
  • Setting up objective and targets for performance Monitoring.
  • Training for worker operator as well as the middle management and top management
  • guiding organisation to achieve and taking responsibility to get the certification
how can we help you?

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“ગ્રીનડોટ એટલે સફળતાની સીડી, મલ્ટીપલ બિઝનેસ કરવાનો ચસકો અમને નિરવભાઈએ લગાડયો અને અમે મધર ઈલેકટ્રોનિકસ, યુ.એસ. એકવા, મધર મોલ, એલ.જી નો શોરૂમ એમ એક પછી એક શિખર ચઢતા ગયા એડમિનિસ્ટ્રેશન,એકાઉન્ટ, બિઝનેશ ડેવલપમેન્ટ, નવી ટેકનોલોજીનો ઉપયોગને લગતુ જ્ઞાન અને સિસ્ટમ અમને ગ્રીનડોટે પુરુ પાડયું.”

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