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What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 (FSMS) is an internationally recognized standard that combines the ISO 9001(QMS) approach to food safety management and HACCP for the assurance of food safety at all levels. The standard maps out how a company can show its ability to control safety hazards to ensure that food is safe.

Food safety is a global concern. It can be defined as the practical certainty that injury or illness will not result from the consumption of food.

ISO 22000 can be implemented by any industry within the food supply chain. These incorporate food manufacturing, feed production, storage, and distribution, or the production of packaging and packaging material. The standard incorporates the principles of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. By means of auditable requirements, it combines the HACCP plan with prerequisite programs as well as other food safety system requirements.

What are the benefits of ISO 22000?

  • Introduce internationally recognized processes to your business.
  • Give suppliers and stakeholders belief in your hazard controls.
  • Put these hazard controls established across your supply chain.
  • Introduce transparency around accountability and responsibilities.
  • Continually improve and upgrade your systems so it stays effective.
  • ISO 22000 (FSMS) Involve the food safety management system requirements of FSSC 22000 (which is a Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI recognized scheme) and is used on with requirements for prerequisite programs for the relevant industry sector.
  • Improved management and communication.
  • Assurances on quality, reliability, and safety.
  • Decrease costs from withdrawals or recalls.
  • Improved reputation and brand loyalty.
  • More confidence in disclosures.
  • Less foodborne diseases.
  • Better quality and safer jobs in the food industry.
  • Better utilization of resources.
  • More efficient food safety hazard control.
  • Systematic management of prerequisite programs.
  • Valid basis for taking decisions.
  • Control focused on priorities.
  • Saves resources by reducing duplication.
  • Better planning, less post-process verification.
  • Development of a food safety management system.

Steps to implementation of ISO 22000

Step 1: Know about 22000 Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)

The first step in your progress towards establishment your ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is to understand what the ISO 22000 (FSMS) requires and how it will affect your organization.

Step 2: Compare your existing system to the requirements.

In order to be able to plan your project, you will need to know exactly what needs to be done in your organization to meet the requirements of the standard. Distinguish what requirements you already meet, and list the ones that need to be addressed.

Step 3: Plan your project

Once you have your list of requirements that you need to address, you can start planning your project. Using teams to implement the ISO 22000 (FSMS) is a very efficient and effective approach. It drive-in employees from all parts of the organization to take part in the development and implementation, guarantee the effectiveness of the final system as well as employee ownership of the system.

Step 4: Design and document your ISO 22000 (FSMS) system

With the team approach to implementation, there is a team allocated for each of the processes that must be documented. For example, a team allocated to work on the document control system and procedure will work together to make any changes to the current system to bring it into compliance. Then they will document the procedure as well as any mandatory work instructions or forms.

The team uses information from the Gap Analysis to deciding what must be done to bring the process into compliance. They may also use a pre-written procedure to support them. This will provide them with a ground to work from as well as an example of a process that complies with the ISO 22000 (FSMS) requirements. They will customise the procedure to reflect your processes.

Step 5: Educate employees and an internal audit team

In order to finalize the implementation of the system, employees must be educated, both any new processes that have been implemented and on the requirements of the standard.

Step 6: Have your registration audit

When the day of your Registration Audit has come, it is time to showcase your ISO 22000 (FSMS) Food Safety Management System. The Auditor or Auditors are coming in to see how you have addressed the requirements of ISO 22000 (FSMS), and how you have designed your ISO 22000 (FSMS).

The register that you select will audit your facility and your ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System (FSMS), assessment records and documentation, follow processes and talk to employees and management to regulate if your ISO 22000 food safety management system meets requirements and works to ensure a safe product.

Principles of ISO 22000

There are seven principles to appear in. Usually although, what the system seeks to achieve is to stop contamination the least bit levels of production from preparation to distribution. The strain on obstruction rather than post-production detection is good as a result of trying into every essential step before distribution ensures that no minute hazard or material is incomprehensible. What exactly are these principles?

The first principle – stresses analysing hazards. This is often the step wherever attainable hazards are known for all stages in production. In an in-house food safety audit, an auditor will initiate parts that are chemical, biological, or physical in nature. Hazards will take the shape of microbes, toxins, or physical particles.

The second principle – moves on to see the management points within which contamination is often prevented. Establishing management points is often as straightforward as outlining a procedure like raw item handling, cooking, packing, and distribution.

The third principle – integrates the ideas behind the primary and second principles. At this level, most or minimum limits are set for every of the specific management points to stop contamination. The main basic example is minimum heat settings for cookery specific edible things.

The fourth ISO 22000 HACCP food safety system principle – organizes the third principle by framing procedures and employees answerable for observation management points. This requires that there’s clear documentation to follow on however every step of production is checked and the World Health Organization performs these regular checks.

The fifth principle – focuses on taking corrective actions just in case checks show that standards aren’t met. This might demand going back to the primary stage of the assembly method or fully throwing out undoubtedly contaminated things before they’ll be pushed dead set customers. Corrective steps have to be required to be known beforehand so it’s clear what steps ought to be taken within the event of contamination.

The sixth HACCP food safety audit principle –  involves inspecting the system of observation itself. There ought to be an everyday method in a situation that developed into instrumentality or tools that are required for observation of the assembly method. Observation devices and therefore the completely different elements of the tools utilized in production ought to be in a high condition to create observation effective and sure-fire.

The seventh and last principle –  revolves around food safety management documentation. Each part of the system from hazard analysis to display analysis ought to have elaborate tips. What is more, these ought to be supported standards that are supported by accepted and evidenced research.

Who is implementing ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 (FSMS) is the food safety management system that can be easily applicable to any organization in the food chain.

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