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Let’s face it, we all face tough challenges. Competitive pressures continue unabated. Prices are too low, and costs are too high. Companies strive to reduce costs. Some look to improve technology. Some reduce headcount. Too few have become operationally excellent.   Costs pile up in the form of defects and waste. Consider these all-too-familiar situations:

  • Output does not meet its potential due to crew-to-crew variations.
  • Utilization suffers because product changeovers take too long.
  • An important part cannot be found, so another is rushed in.

Companies attempt to improve through Lean, Six Sigma, or Total Productive Maintenance initiatives. However, studies since 1998 report that two-thirds of these initiatives fail to meet the expectations of company leaders. Learning about the methods isn’t the challenge, putting them into daily practice is, as evident in these situations:

  • Process improvements often backslide.
  • Continuous improvement is just a phrase.
  • The methods of the initiative aren’t institutionalized.

The root of these failings is the inability to achieve culture change. An Aberdeen Group survey (2005) reinforced this conclusion when it found that significant culture change remains the top challenge in over 80% of the companies surveyed.

One Answer is 5S

Implement 5S—Japanese Practice for Productivity and profitability Improvement.

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