7 Insights for Happy Employees

Here are 7 Insights for Happy Employees.

    • Employees are far too disconnected from their company.
    • Only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission, and values.
    • A company is truly a corporate affair- disconnected employees are less productivity.
    • Call together an all – staff meeting and allow employees to embrace the mission.
    • 82% of employees positively affirmed the significance of manager clearly outlining their role and responsibly.
    • You’ve heard the saying “Idle hands are the devil’s tool.” Lazy employees may simply be struggling to understand what is expected of them.
    • Boost the productivity of your workplace by ensuring every employee understands their role.
    • Staff and workplace dynamics cannot be ignored.
    • Employee happiness is 23.3% more correlated to connections with co-workers than direct supervisors.
    • Consider the affects of an open plan workplace as opposed to individual cubicles.
    • Personalities trait should be taken into account to ensure harmonious interactions.
    • 18% of responses expressed the desire to voice an opinion with regard to the work being done.
    • Staff members who have their ideas listened to are more productive and happy.
    • Executives should certainly take advantage of a group – think exercises for staff to create innovative ideas.
    • The survey showed an extremely high co-relation coefficient of .93 between employee happiness and management transparency.
    • The cost of improving transparency is practically zero, it simply requires an ongoing dialogue between management and staff.
    • Executives should take a break and walk through the workplace every now and then and converse with their staff.
    • The study reveals that employees need more than the traditional supervisor – to – employee pat on the back.
    • Happy employees are those also recognized among their peers.
    • Create an environment for encouragement among staff members and even some healthy rivalry in the workplace.
    • Employees crave for social interaction with their fellow workers.
    • Opportunities to built in collaboration efforts between different departments produce positive responses.
    • Birthday celebration and anniversaries are small touches that make an enormous difference.”Casual Friday’s” have shown positive responses.


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