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10 ways to over come worry

It’s natural to have attacks of self-doubt. Starting a business is a big responsibility and you’re very much on your own. Here are ten common worries and  how to overcome them.
1. I’m not bright enough – well, sometimes you can be too bright to succeed. Innocence and naivety can actually protect you from fear. It is possible to think too much!
2. I’m not pushy enough – do you like doing business with pushy people or do you prefer nice reasonable people? Pushy people are often less successful than you might think.
3. I’m not rich enough – one of the best ways to watch your costs is to have no money to waste. Wealthy people can be careless with money – you probably can’t afford to be.
4. I’m not good at sums – relax, spreadsheets and accounting software make the numbers easy to work out. Remember that success is as much about instinct as arithmetic.
5. I can’t spell – literacy is great if you want to write books but less important if your business communicates with customers verbally. Use document templates – there are some at the back of this book.
6. I’ll fail – maybe you will, but equally you won’t make your first million if you don’t try.
7. Rivals will eat me alive – in fact the opposite is usually the case. Young,small businesses can duck and weave beneath the fists of those nasty big competitors.
8. I’m naturally pessimistic – so, you won’t make false assumptions and step into the dark without a torch, will you! A glance at the downside puts the upside in perspective – just be sure to see both.
9. I don’t take risks – running a business is like crossing the road. You can jaywalk, wear dark clothing and risk getting squashed – or push the button and follow the green man when the traffic stops. There’s almost always a choice.
10. I know my failings – we all know what we’re bad at and we all underestimate the value of our strengths. No one is perfect and nor is any
business. That’s why there’s room for you too. Focus on what you do well.

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