Management Consulting

One stop Solution for all your business problem

Improve Your Productivity, Profitabilty, Effectivenesss

Assured Result

Marketing And Sales Improvement

Generate lead, Rule The market

Sales, Branding

Total Sales Solution

Human Resource Consulting

Complete HR Solution

Staff Issues ! Want to Set Up HR Department Complete HR solution,

Move from Managing to Leading


Training Solution For any organisation

Learn & Lead

Motivate your Team,


Be world class Implement 5s

Improve Your Productivity, Profitabilty, Effectivenesss

More than House Keeping

Bullet Proof Business Man

Result oriented, Habit changing Programme

Learn To Drive

Training that boost your business & life

The Business war

strategy to win the Business war

Learn how to win the business war

Tips & Technique to your business

Inventory Management

Save Money, Improve Profit

Family Management

Happy And Healthy Family

Family First

Training for Couple, Children
What Else You Got?


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green dot is a management consulting and training firm. we help our client to improve their profitability, Productivity, Efficiency through business process management as well as by implementing strategies and providing Training to all Level of staff.
  • Expertise of 15 year
  • Precise Implementation
  • Qualified Team will support you and keep you on track
  • Analytic Approach for Decision Making
  • One stop Solution for all your Business need

Helping business to stay ahead of competition!

Since 1999, we have Help 1000 Plus clients, in India & Abroad to Stay ahead of competition, with our proven Management consulting solution. we help you from idealization to installation. We assured your the result Transformation to speed your business growth.. Keep In Touch With Our Experts !
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Customer Service Soft Skills To Masters

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Today‚Äôs customer service involves more than a conversation face-to-face or on the phone. Email, live chat and social media have become important channels for consumers to engage with brands and seek […]

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Things Customer Wish To Know About Them

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Do You know what customers really want from your business and customer services?

Its a tough question to answer.One useful resource that business owners have in answering this question is research and […]

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